Monday, July 14, 2014

Between Water and Sky: Kitesurfing in the Grenadines

If you have a dream to kitesurf in a paradise made of more than 600 coral islands, the Grenadines can turn out to be your final destination.

This group of gems scattered between Grenada in the south and Saint Vincent in the north is, in my opinion, a destination that comes quite close to an ideal kitesurfer's paradise, full of an incredible variety of kiteboarding spots. 

Remember The Pirates of the Caribbean movies? It was all filmed here, in the Grenadines!

The only way to reach these islands is by boat. In fact, you can fly to Barbados or Grenada with the major airline companies, and from there rent a catamaran or another sailboat to reach the archipelago. If you aren't very interested in a long boat navigation, you can find a regional flight from these two islands to Martinique or, even better, to Union Island, which lays in the heart of the Grenadines - this strategy will also allow you to take maximum advantage of your time if you just want to kitesurf.

The complexity of reaching this destination is well paid back by the amazing kiteboarding spots you'll find along the way: just pick your spot on the map, and any small island will turn out to be a great place for your session.

On Union Island, you’ll be able to find Jeremie Tronet's Pro Center kite school (, offering all levels of kitesurfing courses and a cozy kite-beach hotel.  This island is also the best spot for beginners, since other islands have narrower beaches dotted with palm trees, which might create difficulties for beginners to launch and land their kites.

But if you already are an experienced rider, you must jump on a sailboat or a catamaran and fully enjoy all the hidden Grenadines' kitesurfing spots! You can encounter really small and uninhabited atolls up to glamorous islands as Mustique, which is quite different from the others: all around you will find huge mansions of rich and famous people (like Mick Jagger or David Bowie).

Even you can choose so many different beautiful islands, you definitely want to pay a visit to Tobago Kay and have a kite session in Jameson Island and Petit Tabac, which seems to be the only place for kitesurfing allowed by rangers, since this is a completely protected area.

What else can I say?! A kitesurfing session in the Grenadines will fill you with unforgettable emotions: a breathtaking landscape, warm water that changes its azure and turquoise nuances with every meter, and relaxed Caribbean atmosphere will be waiting for you! 

During your sailing you'll find fishermen approaching the boat with their daily catch of local fish or lobsters, which you can buy for few dollars for your everyday's lunch or dinner.

The best period for kitesurfing in the area starts from December and goes up to July, thanks to the trade winds (the Aliz├ęs) that blow with good consistency. 

Photo courtesy by Jeremie

Blog post describing the wonderful Grenadines and the variety of incredible kitesurfing spots those island offer.
Date published: 07/14/2014
Date Update: 07/14/2014