Friday, July 1, 2016

Guess what?! Right way rules!

It's never enough to remind how much these rules are important. You see a lot of riders, both beginners and experts, ignoring them and creating dangerous or at least unpleasant situations.

Rule #1

The rider entering the water from the beach has right of way over the incoming rider.

Kiteboarding right way rule #1

Rule #2
Starboard rider (kite on the right-hand side) has priority over oncoming rider and should keep his course and pass upwind with the kite higher.

Rule #3
When two riders are traveling in the same direction, the faster rider coming up from behind must give way to the slower rider in front

Kiteboarding right way rule #3b

Rule #4 -
The rider surfing a wave has priority over the one who is jumping or going in the opposite direction.

Kiteboarding right way rule #4

Rule #5 -
Right of way must be given to other ocean and beach users. Kiteboarders must travel downwind to them.

Rule #6
In order to perform a safe jump, a rider must have a clear safety zone of 50m downwind and 30m upwind.

Kiteboarding right way rule #6 - Jumps

Rule #7
Give the right way to all the riders taking kiting lessons or to unexperienced riders with to consistent upwind capabilities.

Kiteboarding right way rule #7

Rule #8
Body drag kiters have the right way over riding ones

Kiteboarding right way rule #8

If you are passing upwind, bring your kite UP. If you are passing downwind, bring your kite DOWN.

Kiteboarding right way golden rule

Common sense Rule
Remember to use common sense in applying the rules (if someone doesn't comply to them, It's not a good excuse to crash into him): stay away from other riders, whenever possible !