Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pro-kitesurfers on Murrebue beach - Bruno Dubosq and Charlotte Consorti

It has been a privilege to meet Bruno Dubosq and his girlfriend Charlotte Consorti last August. Charlotte is six-times World Champion in kitespeed, basically the fastest girl around with a kite.
They arrived to Murrebue, Mozambique, continuing their endless research of new kitesurfing spots around the world. The result is an incredible collection of videos from the most diverse, exotic places all over the planet (see Charlotte's youtube channel ), to inspire every kitesurfer out there

Bruno and Charlotte filming kitesurfing tricks

They brought lots of kite and video/photography equipment together with their dedication to capture the best shots in Mozambique. It was amazing see them in action on the board and beyond it. 
It might look like that every “wow” shot happens naturally to these breathtaking kitesurfers, but the truth is you need a lot of tries to get to the optimal result for the final video. So it was very interesting to observe them in their tireless efforts to get that one golden shot.

On the car to the next downwind

Together, we spent every day on the beach, while they searched for different shot angles, explored nearby mangroves, or came with me and Carlo (the owner of the lodge and of local kitesurfing school Il Pirata) for a nice downwind session.

Charlotte Consorti kitesurfing in the lagoon

Charlotte, Bruno, Carlo, Susanna at il Pirata

A lot of great memories that can be best described in their fantastic video about kitesurfing in Murrebue, Mozambique:

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