Saturday, September 26, 2015

the first Sci Fi novel with a kitesurfer as protagonist...

Becoming Quetzalcoatl

Bored by the lack of wind ?
Here's the solution: the first Sci Fi novel that portrays a kitesurfer as protagonist.

This is how Greg Brulte, the author,describes his last work: "The main character tries to jump a pier down in Mobile, Alabama, at night, and injures himself.  When they take an MRI, his beautiful E.R.  doctor discovers an alien implant in him that has the image of a crop-circle on it from the year 2007.   That crop-circle pointed to specific dates in 2012 that supposedly foretold of the return of the Mayan god.  
Nothing happened in 2012, but the kite-boarder did go missing during those dates..."

Soon it might become the plot of an Hollywood movie, so you shouldn't miss the chance of this premiere: mostly because for today only(Sept. 26 2015) you can download it on Amazon the Kindle version for free, just follow this link Link. After today you'll still be able to find it at a very convenient price, following the same link. 

Don't lose the chance to be the first among the readers of this future blockbuster!

A couple of questions to the author:

Greg, do you kitesurf?
No...  I don't kite-surf, but I see them practically every day off of the Silver Strand, south of Coronado, California.  It looks like so much fun that I want to try  it :)  I have para-sailed, before, behind a boat".

This is not your first novel, how many did you write?
"'Becoming Quetzalcoatl' is my 9th novel... well, technically my 8th, since one of my books is a collection of short stories.
All of my books are what I would describe as Sci-Fi/Romances or Paranormal/Romances told mainly from a male point of view, which I think is a point of view lacking in today's market.  I try to make the books so that they appeal to both sexes... enough romance for the women, and enough action/science/mystery for the guys.  Of course, I know it's not that simple, because there is quite a bit of overlap in people's interests".

How do you get the inspiration to write?
"When I write, I just sit down and whatever comes out, comes out.  I usually have no idea of what the book is about until I write it.  That way, it keeps the reader guessing about the twists and turns... keeps me guessing, too.  I wish I would have tried this technique, earlier, because using it has resulted in 9 books in 4 years :)  I could probably do more if I didn't teach so much".

By the way, we proudly provided the cover artwork ;-)