Saturday, March 29, 2014

How to Choose the Best Kitesurfing Equipment (Part Two)

Part 2: When am I ready to buy my first kitesurfing gear?

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In Part 1 of our blog post on best kitesurfing gear choices, we talked about how long your gear will normally last.

When should you buy your first kiting equipment though? You are ready when you become an independent rider. Here’s how to know you are one:

·         You know how to control and pilot a kite
·         You are able to body drag upwind in any wind condition
·         You know what emergency systems of kites are and how they function
·         You are able to perfectly perform a self-rescue procedure

These are the minimum requirements before you can buy your first kiteboarding equipment, but if you have some more experience (such as being able to go consistently on a board and even to upwind), it’s even better, because you will have accumulated some kiting hours, and will have started to understand what kind of performance you prefer from a kite. 

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Post On How to Choose the Best Kitesurfing Equipment (Part Two)
Here you can learn what being an independent kiter means
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Date published: 03/29/2014
Date Update: 04/18/2014